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What People Say About Us

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Wired Magazine

“Marathon’s Washer-Dryer is the Tesla of Appliances.”

Gene H.

I’d never thought I’d get excited about a washing machine, but you’ve done it.

Kris F.


"You guys are awesome! My father sold appliance parts his whole life (now retired), and this is the best thing I've ever seen for laundry! To infinity and beyond!”

Stephen P.


"I love your technology and innovative approach to laundry.”

Andrew M.


"The front shipping bracket was still attached! Thank you for the quick response last night. We removed the bracket and the machine is working like a charm so far."

Rita B.


"My new machine works great. No more transferring or forgetting about a load in the wash. It is incredible to start a load at night and have it ready in the am. I really appreciated the instruction manual; it was clear, easy to follow, and I learned a bit as well. The attention to detail with the tools, including placing some in a laundry bag I can then use is also great.”

Larry H.


"The machine is wonderful! And I appreciate the mobile app and not having to go down two flights of stairs to the basement to switch my laundry to the dryer. Now when I forget my laundry it's DONE instead of sitting in the washer all wet and gross!”