Multi-Family Laundry Solutions

Introducing Model M™

The Marathon Model M is the same base machine as our 240v Model X, but with features developed specifically for multi-family living spaces.

Our cloud-based software provides built-in payment systems, mobile status and alerts, idle time monitoring, and many more benefits both to tenants and property managers.

No coins. No hassles. Intelligent systems to make your life way better.


Laundry Network™

In tandem with our Model M multi-family machine, Marathon has launched Laundry Network,™ a sophisticated cloud-based system for monitoring and controlling machines over the internet.

Machines connect through WiFi to Laundry Network™ where customers, tenants, property managers, repair technicians, and other authorized parties can remotely monitor the laundry processes, evaluate machine performance, manage software updates, and much more.

Payment systems can be integrated into many existing electronic payment gateways through the Laundry Network™ Money Laundering™ technology (a perfectly legal form of moving money, but we couldn't resist the pun).

Owner / Property Manager Features

Half the Space

A Marathon machine is exactly the same size as a standard U.S. washing machine, so it takes just half the space of a "washer dryer pair". And you don't need a dryer, so it's better than a stacker.

Saves Money and Energy

Our smart technology tracks exact energy use by the second, so you can monitor tenants who are using a lot of energy or water.

Usage tracking means that tenants can be charged more fairly, based on actual use -- without resorting to coins.

Future Proof

Payment systems evolve and change. Mobile app technology changes. Our software updates and Laundry Network server technology allow your property managers to adapt and change as the future changes around us.

Software Updates

Marathon machines get software updates over the air in a matter of seconds. Change your feature set, offer new payment systems, change per-load costs, all with ease.

Payment Systems

Our Model M coupled with our Laundry Network cloud software enables owners and property managers to have many different kinds of payment systems. Laundry charges can be billed monthly, collected directly, even tracked across multiple machines in shared laundry.

Marathon machines all support multiple users, so each user can keep favorite settings separate from other people in the household or within the complex.


Your brand, integrated right into the machine.


Tenant Features


No more running up and down the stairs to see if a machine is free — view status of machines in real time directly from your devices.

Reserve a machine — it will lock the door for a few minutes [configurable] and display a message that the machine is reserved.

Easy Payment

No more quarters, credit cards, or tokens — just tap to log in to any machine in the complex, and it will track your usage and bill you electronically.

Remote Status

Track the progress of laundry right from your phone.

Clothes Are Secure

If you're not able to get back to the laundry room right away when your laundry is done, we can keep the door locked so your clothes are safe.