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Full Size, Vented Washer/Dryer Combo

The Marathon is an all-in-one machine. Instead of the dryer being its own separate machine, taking up double the space, we combined the dryer on the washer into one machine. It is a full-size and vented combo washer/dryer, which means that you can fit all of the laundry you normally would, and it will dry in the same amount of time.

Fully vented drying technology allows for all of the moisture to be removed quickly from your clothes — much more effective than the "ventless" combos that condense the water vapor, making for a very rainy day inside the machine.

(Featuring a sneak peak of our warehouse in the Design District of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)


Models & Dryer Cords

Marathon machines come in two models —
the Marathon Model X and the Marathon Model LT.

Above on the left is a standard 4-prong 240 volt dryer plug. This is what powers the Model X, with a 5400W heating element, the same as the best U.S. electric dryers.

Pictured on the right is a standard 3-prong 120 volt plug, which powers the Model LT — less drying power, but it can be located much more easily in your home, in places where there may not be a dryer outlet.

Our Machines

Choose from Two Models

Our flagship, The Marathon Model X is our most powerful, full-featured machine.

The Marathon Model LT offers economy performance and doesn't require a four-prong dryer cord.

Both models are the same size, offer identical washing performance, and both have the unique Marathon touch-screen features.

Note: If your home does not have 240 volt hookups for an electric dryer, you can still use the Marathon Model LT with your washer hookups!


The Marathon Model X

The Model X is a full-sized (27") washer-dryer combo that uses standard hookups, offering powerful washing and drying that outperforms most other machines.

The Marathon Model LT

The Model LT is similar to the Model X and shares most of the features. The Marathon Model LT uses only 120 volts rather than the 240 volts required by the Model X, which means it uses the same 3-pronged cord as most of the lamps and toasters in your home.

The standard 120 volt power cord provides much more flexibility in placement — you can practically put it anywhere.

Note: You will still need water hookups and a drain, and a place to vent the machine.

Details & Specifications

Feature Specification
Color Powdered White
High Efficiency Yes
Height (in.) 40"
Width (in.) 27"
Heat Source Electric
Dispensers Detergent,
Fabric Softeners
Capacity 3.8 cu ft.
Control Type 7" Touchscreen
Dryer Type Vented
Hookups U.S. Standard GH water
NEMA 14-30 240v plug
Electrical 240v or 120v AC,
30-amp circuit
Internet 802.11 n/g
Depth with
Door Closed (in.)
Depth with
Door Open(in.)

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