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Full Size, Vented Washer/Dryer Combo

The Marathon is an all-in-one machine. We combined the dryer and the washer into one, so you don't have to remember to move your wet clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Fully vented drying technology allows for fast, effective drying — much more effective than the "ventless" combos that condense the water vapor, making for a very rainy day inside the machine.


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Smart. Connected.

Marathon machines are internet-connected with sophisticated software to control and monitor your laundry from anywhere. Start and stop your laundry cycles, check status, add some touch-up Dry time, and more.

But you don't have to connect it, in case you're worried about that. It will do your laundry just fine if you just plug it in and hook up the water and drain — but you'll miss out on a lot of features and software updates and energy tracking.

Marathon Features

Free up Your Space

A Marathon machine is exactly the same size as a standard U.S. washing machine, so it takes just half the space of a "washer dryer pair".

That means that you have a whole lot more space in your laundry room for other things.

How will you use all that extra space?!

Save Money and Energy

Our smart technology reduces your footprint, saves you energy and money. You can run laundry at night, balance heat and time to give maximum efficiency, and get full visibility into energy usage so you can make the trade-offs.

The Marathon machine tracks energy use every second for each component, so we know how much time is spent running the pump, spinning the motor, or using heat in the Dry cycle.

Remembers Your Preferences

In addition to the standard cycles like Towels and Lycra, you can add your own custom presets with your own titles, such as "Emma's Yoga Clothes"

Marathon machines also support multiple users, so you can keep your favorite settings separate from other members of your household, for convenience (and so you can do your spouse's laundry with less risk of getting it wrong!)

Software Updates

Your Marathon gets software updates over the air in a matter of seconds. As we find better ways to do laundry or create new cycles or features, you will automatically get the updates. Or maybe just because it's Halloween, or because we cut a deal with Kansas City Power & Light. It's like getting a new machine overnight. It's one of the biggest benefits of having an internet-connected machine.