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We know, it's a lot to take in.

With something as ground-breaking and new to the market as this, it can be hard to wrap your head around all of the new information. Read on below to learn what smart technology is, what a washer-dryer combo is, and more.

Marathon Advantages

Tailored to you.

Customize your laundry settings to create presets for all of your laundering needs. Such as “Joe’s cloth diapers” or “Ally’s Delicates”. Over time, your Marathon will remember your behaviors and be able to recommend certain presets depending on the time of day, who’s doing laundry, and more.

Innovative design.

Marathon uses the intelligence of today’s technology to make doing laundry as simple as a few taps on a touch screen. You can do your laundry using basic settings or create custom presets to fit the needs of you and your family members. The choice is yours. Simplify.

Full-size combo.

You don’t have a dish-dryer, do you? Using two machines is outdated. Can you think of any other tasks where you have two almost-identical machines, each of which does half the job? And you have to move your work from one machine to the other?

The Marathon is an all-in-one laundry machine that, unlike other laundry machines that you see on the market, is a large-capacity, full-size machine. It can definitely fit a typical load of laundry, and can handle your California King bedding.

Energy savings you can see.

Our smart technology reduces your footprint, saves you energy and money. We can run laundry at night, balance heat and time to give maximum efficiency, and give you full visibility into energy usage so you can make the trade-offs.


Free updates.

When we find a better way to save you energy or make your Marathon run better, you will get the update. Or maybe because it's Halloween, or because we cut a deal with Kansas City Power & Light. It's like getting a brand new machine and not paying an extra dime.

The Marathon difference.

Wake up and smell the laundry!

Marathon has created the best laundry machine on the market — a vented washer-dryer combo, meaning that during the dry cycle, all of the evaporated water is continuously vented out of the machine, just like a standard dryer. There are other combos on the market, but almost all of them are too small (24 inches instead of 27, intended more for RV's than your home) — and none are vented, so they don't dry very well at all.

Big Laundry wants you to buy a dryer because all their profit is in the dryer. We want you to be liberated from the myth that you need two almost-identical machines, each of which only doing half the job. Do you move your dishes from your dishwasher to your dishdryer? Oh wait. You don't have a dishdryer.


Remembers your preferences

And lets you create new ones, too.

Regular washers come with presets like Normal, Colors, Heavy Duty, etc, but they don't really have any standard meaning. You have to figure it out yourself. Is it just me, or does everyone just use Normal?

Marathon has presets too, but it's just the beginning. You can modify them, give them new names, create new ones, like "Gym Clothes" or "Lululemon" or "Dog Blanket".

Works Remotely

Do your laundry from anywhere.

You may have worked remotely this year. Now your laundry machine can work remotely too! Start it from wherever (and whenever); check status; add some touch-up Dry time. And if your machine ever has service issues, our techs can get remote diagnostic data to help you get it fixed pronto.


Save Money and Energy

Intelligent Monitoring

The Marathon machine tracks energy use by the second for each component, so we know how much time is spent running the pump, spinning the motor, or in the Dry cycle.

We can do laundry at night, when rates are low and you're sleeping, because you don't have to get up and move the load to the dryer.

Thought Leadership

Detailed Whitepapers

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