Marathon machines look like a washing machines – but they have superpowers

Marathon machines are the exact same size as a standard U.S. washing machine, and use the same hookups. We have built the dryer right into the washer in such a way that people often ask, "where's the dryer?"

The drying technology is cleverly packaged right into the same box. The only way you'd know it was also a dryer is the big 4-inch vent on the back of the machine, and the big honkin' 240v power cord.


Wash & Dry Cycles

Cycle Details
Presets Normal
Heavy Duty
Dry Only
Extras Rinse & Spin
Spin & Dry
Dry Only
Rinse Lint
Water Temperature Cold
Choose Wash Cycles Short – 10 mins
Normal – 25 mins
Long – 35 mins
Heavy – 65 mins
Custom – up to 90 mins
Choose Wash Options Detangle
Spin Speed
Rinse Cycles (1-3)
Transition Wash -> Dry Auto
Wait for Okay
No Dry Please
Dry Only
Choose Dry Cycles Short – 25 mins
Gentle – 40 mins
Normal – 65 mins
Longer – 90 mins
XLong – 120 mins
XXLong – 180 mins
Custom – up to 360 mins

Model X

Our flagship, The Marathon Model X is our most powerful, full-featured machine.

The Model X is a full-sized (27") washer-dryer combo that uses standard hookups, offering powerful washing and drying that outperforms most other machines.

Model X uses a high-powered 5400W heating element, the same as the best U.S. electric dryers (4-prong 240 volt dryer cord).


Note: If your home does not have 240 volt hookups for an electric dryer, you can still use the Marathon Model LT with your washer hookups!

Model LT

The Marathon Model LT offers economy performance and doesn't require a four-prong dryer cord.

Model LT uses standard 120v plug (above right) — less drying power, but it can be located much more easily in your home, in places where there may not be a dryer outlet.


The standard 120 volt power cord (NEMA 5-20 120v) provides much more flexibility in placement — you can practically put it anywhere.

Note: You will still need water hookups and a drain, and a place to vent the machine.

Model M

The Marathon Model M is specifically designed for multi-family apartments and condos. More information can be found on our Multi-Family Page

Note: Please contact our sales staff if this is your area of interest.

Details & Specifications

Dimensions Dimensions2
Feature Specification
Cabinet Color Powdered White
High Efficiency Yes
Heat Source Electric (see above)
Dispensers Detergent,
Fabric Softener
Capacity 3.8 cu ft.
Control Type 7" Touchscreen
Dryer Type Vented
Hookups U.S. Standard GH hot/cold water
NEMA 14-30 or 5-20 plug
Electrical 240v or 120v AC,
30-amp circuit
Internet 802.11 n/g

Download Data Sheet

Marathon Features and Specs
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