Designer Laundry

For the first time ever, your laundry room can be eye-catching and beautiful. Marathon is the first appliance company to allow you to personalize the look of your machine, and its elegant design is so beautiful you will want it upstairs by your bedroom, not just in the basement.

Accent Panels

Accent Panels™ coordinate with your decor or your whimsy. We have more than 30 different styles — vibrant colors, patterns, floral prints, rain forests, and beaches, with fresh new designs on the way.

Inspired by nature.

Marathon Model X and Model LT save water and energy, leaving you feeling better about your effect on the planet, and with fewer bills to pay.

Preview an Accent Panel

Premium Palette Studio Palette Minimalist Palette
Custom accent panels can be made with your custom design. We will contact you after your purchase to arrange production. You will need to supply a high-resolution image file to our design team.

Design Guide

Download our Design Guide for more inspiration. If you are a professional designer, contact us to meet our design team and learn more about the possibilities.

Download Design Guide