About Us

Marathon is based in Milwaukee and Silicon Valley. We are a startup appliance company, taking cues from Tesla Motors, Apple, and Nest.

The Marathon Team

Marathon was founded by Glenn Reid, a UW-Madison graduate and engineer who developed Apple's iPhoto and iMovie software Marathon brings us the world's most innovative laundry machine.

Our team has come together from around the country to form a group of motivated professionals determined to create an excellent product.


Glenn Reid


Glenn is an engineer and entrepreneur, and has created and launched many innovative products, including iMovie and iPhoto. Glenn worked closely with Steve Jobs to design and deliver breakthrough products, holds numerous technological patents and has founded five different startup companies. twitter LinkedIn


Angelo Quagliata

Business Development

Angelo has been involved with Marathon from the early days in various capacities and now is key in helping with some of our biggest accounts, both multi-family strategic and on the distribution side. Angelo and Glenn have worked together at previous startups including Five Across, which was acquired by Cisco.


Joe Wabiszewski

VP of Engineering

Joe was our first recruit in Milwaukee, a Mechanical Engineer with experience in manufacturing, mechanical design, and supply chain management. Joe is an avid outdoorsman and an optimist. He already has risen to be the most enthusiastic person on the team.


Ericka Lewandowski

Director of Operations

Ericka has an MBA and tons of experience in finance and operations, including over a decade handling all aspects of finance for a very large commercial real estate developer.


Andrew Sandrik

Operations Coordinator

Andrew has a degree in Business / Entrepreneurship from University of Iowa and handles much of our customer- and supplier-facing Operations. He brings a breadth of perspective to our Marketing and business development efforts as well.


Emma Fitch

Design Director

Emma is the head of our Design department. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a BFA in Graphic Design. A very talented designer, Emma has a broad skill set ranging from MIG welding to web design.


Steve Dussé

Electrical Engineering

Steve is an MIT-educated electrical engineer with a career in engineering management at Logitech, aerospace, RSA security, and everything in between. Steve can fix anything, design sophisticated electronics, and is a licensed electrician. He is now a contractor who always comes through when we need him.

Our Advisory Board


Pete Gleason

Mechanical Engineer

Peter has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, specializing in product design. Peter was previously part of Monkey Wrench Design, a San Francisco-based consulting firm.


Chris Kolbe

D2C Expert

Chris is a veteran of the apparel and direct-to-consumer marketplace, was Brand President at Lucky Brand, Land's End, Kohl's, and Sonos.


Amanda Daering

CEO of Newance

Amanda is CEO of Newance, a Milwaukee-based HR and recruiting firm, and a keen interpreter of human behavior and motivation.


Larry Hitchcock

CEO and Co-Founder of Socialeads

Larry is the CEO and Co-Founder of Socialeads, a Milwaukee-based AI company. Larry has extensive experience in industry, media, and always has a big vision and great insights.