Smart Grid — Yes, Please!

Smart Grid

Saves Energy

The electrical grid is a real-time marketplace between supply and demand. When you turn on your appliances, the power system has to provide the power within 4 seconds.

The Smart Grid is turning this marketplace into a conversation in real time. Appliances negotiate with the grid to stagger start times, pause during peak demand, and provide up-to-the-second information about energy use. Marathon Laundry Machines are the poster child for what an intelligent appliance should be.

Server API

Smart Grid Systems

Marathon Laundry Machines are cloud-connected and use a smart API to a cloud server of our own design at for two-way communication with the power providers.

We have developed new technology that makes this conversation truly real-time, rather than statistics-based recommendations, as others do (we already know that power is cheaper in off-peak hours, but is 10:17pm or 2:14am better?).

Read our white paper on the Smart Grid to learn more.