Marathon Laundry

Laundry in the Internet Age

“Marathon Laundry’s Washer-Dryer Is the Tesla of Appliances.”

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The Laundry Cycle

It's a marathon.

Laundry is an almost daily task, and needs a modern solution. The average U.S. household does 6 loads of laundry a week! Even in small households, washers and dryers are scarce resources with competition - “Are my soccer socks clean?!” and “whose stuff is in the dryer?” or that sinking feeling of finding the forgotten load from yesterday, still wet in the washer.

In a multi-tenant building with shared laundry resources, the contention for resources increases exponentially, and the status, scheduling, reservation, and management problem quickly becomes ripe for a cloud-based, data-driven solution. We have built an architecture starting with data-collecting sensors combined with state-of-the-art mobile and cloud solutions for tracking and managing not just the laundry, but the availability of machines, history of use, energy consumption, and true data-driven management.

Because everybody has dirty laundry.